LEVEL 2 Pricing

Flexible pricing plans for needs of various sizes. Custom pricing plans available upon request

Level 2


per month

Plan features and discount qualifications are listed below

2000 units*

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*careCode allows the embedding of short encrypted links. Links can include content placed using careTiles™ on genus’s careWall™, genusConnect® or other medium. careTiles™ allow for interactive Videos, PDFs, Articles, Surveys and more with the ability to explore related content in a quick easy mobile optimized environment.

  • Text only = 1 unit
  • Interactive medial links = 2 units

All Plans include:

Local phone # for follow up messages

  • Audience can text or call directly
  • Inbound phone calls are 1 unit per minute

1 Custom code and response (MycareCode)

  • Packages 3 & 4 can contain tracking options
  • Example tracking: "MyCode Jane313" anything right of carecode will be captured and added to inbound mobile # for tracking.  Ie.. Jane 313

Contact management tool

  • Manage lists and send announcements, individually or by group and measure interactions.

Custom careWall with search and display functionality

  • See a sample wall! Text wall to 211-411 to see what a careWall™ is all about


  • Qualifying community nonprofits may qualify 70% off when using code Community** (examples include, Churches, Meals on Wheels, Community Centers, Area Agencies,  Department on Aging) offer valid till July 1, 2020
  •  1 year payment required.
  • 25% discount for yearly payment,  (not valid with charity discount)
  • $200 setup fee is waived when registering before July 1
  • Plans beyond Level 4 are available upon request