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Mary's mom is ready to be discharged from the hospital. The nurse asks Mary to scan a QR code or text "fall313b" to 211-411 for some great resources to help this from happening again.

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The right message delivered at the right time

Over the next few days, Mary gets messages with key videos and other content to give her guidance on preventing her mothers re-admittance to the hospital.

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The right platform for caregivers needing information

  • Instructions delivered on Mary's device means higher open rates as opposed to paper instructions given at the hospital
  • Content that is easy to share with the entire caregiving team. (Siblings, other relatives and friends)

Connecting patients, caregivers and partners.

Business model diagram

Mary and her mom have great tools at their finger tips.  What's in it for our partners?


Care Continuum ​

  • Discharge
  • Assisted living ​
  • Meals on wheels ​
  • Family practice

Your brand. Your way All with a local phone number.

Powerful Tools

  • Content delivery ​
  • Videos
  • PDF feed back​
  • Analytics
  • sequential followups

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